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  • Bike drags in Vietnam

    Bike drags in Vietnam

    I got a tip off from one of my friends here in Vietnam about some motorbike racing that was taking place over the weekend, so […]

  • Vietnam Motorcycle Show 2016

    Vietnam Motorcycle Show 2016

    Thanks to Ôtô XeMáy, I had an opportunity to get media access to the Vietnam Motorcycle Show 2016 yesterday. I thought I would go and […]

  • Vietnam Road Trip Video Special

    Vietnam Road Trip Video Special

    Without any further ado, check out Jordan’s feature video of our epic Vietnam Road Trip! Downshift – Vietnam Road Trip from Above The Barr on […]

  • Vietnam Road Trip Part 1

    Vietnam Road Trip Part 1

    Last year in October a few of the Downshift guys partnered up with the P Plater Mods boys to go on an adventure through Vietnam. […]

  • Ellaspede Store Opening

    Ellaspede Store Opening

    After covering Ellaspede’s launch party a few months ago, the DS crew was lucky enough to score an invite to Leo and Steve’s official store […]

  • Ellaspede Launch Party

    Ellaspede Launch Party

    If there’s one thing I’ve been learning over the last couple of years, it’s that no one’s gonna drag you up, into the light where […]