I wanted to start this post with the number of cars that showed up, but I can’t because it was literally impossible to measure. From 10am through to 4pm downtown Orlando was a gridlock for all the cars passing through. Sure there was planned event parking but the majority of cars were just lapping the city or parking in metered zones, down side streets, in abandoned office building carparks, old petrol stations, literally wherever there was space for a countless number of city blocks.

Popo were happy! /sarcasm

I have developed quite the fervour for Infiniti – this G37 sedan was beautiful.

Who’d a thunk Kias could look this good?

What made this meet so unique was that everything interesting was happening on the street. I was running in and out of traffic all day trying to get pictures of all the cars. The gridlock was that bad that even when traffic lights were green I could still stroll through the cars, crouch, take a photo and stroll back to the footpath without worrying at all.

I decided to move off from the main event area and take a walk where I ended up finding more cars. It seemed that irrespective of which street I walked down/which petrol station I found/which back alley some group had managed to plant their flag; there were cars everywhere.

Such a tidy M3.

This beast.

Definitely the most “unique” car at the meet!

The Police were concerned less about these shenanigans and more concerned about street racing and illegal parking.

The lady that owned the carpark/structure where cars were parked as well as where sponsors were set up decided to change the terms of the agreement that Ravi (V2Lab) and her had agreed upon halfway through the event, demanding an additional $1500 or for everyone to clear off of her property – real nice.

It went from this:

To this:

Annual meeting of the ODAS (Orlando Donut Appreciation Society).

Titan Motorsport’s M3 and GTR.


Again, NOS sponsored the V2Lab event – free NOS, can’t complain!

For the type of event and location, it was a really really well organised and executed event! Unfortunately the mishap with the parking as well as the council revoking permits to close down streets at the very last moment made the event seem a bit thrown together. This definitely did not ruin it at all – as we do when we are told to clear out by authority, we make do and find somewhere else to continue.

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