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  • #Festivalof86: Aasbo x Yates Interview

    #Festivalof86: Aasbo x Yates Interview

    This is the first of our series of articles published leading up to and during Toyota’s #Festivalof86! Aasbo x Yates Interview Fredric Aasbo’s NASCAR-powered Toyota […]

  • WTAC 2014: Live The Dream

    WTAC 2014: Live The Dream

    Once a year, the best time attack teams in the world congregate in Australia. Welcome to Sydney Motorsport Park. An event which draws in crowds […]

  • WTAC 2014: Friday

    WTAC 2014: Friday

    Just a very quick update from todays session. The weather has been great, only once did I get a few drops on my camera. Lots […]

  • The Girls of WTAC 2013

    The Girls of WTAC 2013

    Any text here is superfluous. Enjoy!

  • WTAC 2013, Saturday

    WTAC 2013, Saturday

    Saturday dawned quite smoky, but that didn’t matter to us. We jumped (and by that I mean moaned and groaned and eventually rolled) out of […]

  • WTAC 2013, Friday

    WTAC 2013, Friday

    The World Time Attack Challenge is one of those events that the whole team at Downshift looks forward to every year. This year, we have […]

  • WTAC 2012: Saturday’s racing and wrap-up

    WTAC 2012: Saturday’s racing and wrap-up

    Probably last but certainly not least, here’s our very late wrap-up and highlights of the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge. After last years record was already broken on the first day of racing, I think everyone was keen to see exactly what would unfold on the Saturday. With predicted showers for the afternoon, it was game on straight off the bat.

  • WTAC 2012: Girls of Superlap

    WTAC 2012: Girls of Superlap

    Once again, I’ve seen about a million epic photos of the cars and racing at this year’s World Time Attack Challenge. So I thought I’d […]

  • WTAC 2012: Thursday & Friday

    WTAC 2012: Thursday & Friday

    After a super windy Friday at Sydney Motorsport Park (formally known as Eastern Creek Raceway), we have a bunch of photos to show off. Andrew […]