• WTAC 2014: A Pedestrian’s Experience

    WTAC 2014: A Pedestrian’s Experience

    Where I come from, serious international motorsport championships are non-existent. In fact, the closest Townsville gets to the automotive limelight is the annual V8 Supercar […]

  • Matsuri 2014: Sunday

    Matsuri 2014: Sunday

    On Friday around 4pm all the drivers and pit crew were granted access to QLD Raceway to set up camp and get ready for the […]

  • WTAC 2014: Friday

    WTAC 2014: Friday

    Just a very quick update from todays session. The weather has been great, only once did I get a few drops on my camera. Lots […]

  • Matsuri 2014: Saturday

    Matsuri 2014: Saturday

    I decided I would head out to Matsuri this year and take a few photos since I hadn’t picked up the camera and shot a […]

  • The WRC dust train makes its way to Australia

    The WRC dust train makes its way to Australia

    The Australian round of the World Rally Championship is held in Coffs Harbour. Fast, flowing roads are what was in store for the world’s best […]

  • Porsche Forum Cars & Coffee

    Porsche Forum Cars & Coffee

    I love getting out to all the different variety of meets, especially to the ones that bring out the cars that you don’t often see […]

  • Antony’s 356

    Antony’s 356

    A truly unique car, Porsche’s 356 is one of the most recognisable and classic shapes ever to grace our blacktop. Antony’s particular example has just […]

  • It’s like no other – 24 hours at Le Mans

    It’s like no other – 24 hours at Le Mans

    Throughout most of the year, the city of Le Mans is home to approximately 150,000 people with most of them going about their own business […]

  • WRC Sardegna: the wrap-up

    WRC Sardegna: the wrap-up

    Rally d’italia Sardegna, as it’s formally known, is the Italian WRC round held on the island of Sardinia. Round 6 of the championship was held […]