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  • Summernats 26

    Summernats 26

    Australia’s biggest horsepower party kicked off again for its 26th event. And what an event! Over 1,500 cars and 100,000 people flocked to the Exhibition […]

  • V8 Race Experience

    V8 Race Experience

    On the weekend a good friend of mine decided to redeem a voucher he received on his birthday for a drive and hot laps in […]

  • Octane fest 2012

    Octane fest 2012

    Octane fest was held on the 13th of October at Central Queensland’s Benaraby Raceway. The event was a great success with crowds flooding in the […]

  • Powercruise 2012 Part 1

    Powercruise 2012 Part 1

    The annual event that is Queenslands Powercruise has once again been and gone. Powercruise has become one of the staple events on the automotive calender and one of the most looked forward to events by all car enthusiasts.

  • Powerplay 2012

    Powerplay 2012

    It is once again that time of year, the coming of winter means that Powerplay is upon us and the biggest cars in Queensland will be rocking up to Queensland Raceway to prove their worth.

  • Hot Rods, Customs and Kits 2012

    Hot Rods, Customs and Kits 2012

    [Matyi: Our newest contributor Ferdinand got out to Lakeside Park. Enjoy the coverage!] Ok, so to be honest, Im not a huge fan of Custom […]

  • Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

    Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

    Grabbing attention is something any attractively modified BMW will do quite easily Down Under, but for serious attention-seeking, not much will beat a slammed 6 series with 22s.